Growth Deal Coordinator

Job Title:                    Growth Deal Coordinator

Reports to:                 Head of Programmes

Main Purpose:           Support the implementation of New Anglia LEP’s Growth Deal and contribute to the delivery of New Anglia’s Economic Strategy. Support the implementation of a number of individual projects allocated funding through the deal. Work directly with funding recipients in completing their contracts and progressing to project implementation and delivery. With the Accountable Body, coordinate and support the release of grant payments to projects. Monitor project and programme output results and report on targets and outcomes achieved.

Key Relationships:   Head of Programmes, Growth Deal Manager, Growing Places Fund Coordinator, Enterprise Zone Accelerator FUnd Coordinator, Executive Team, Management Committee, local authority partners, businesses and developers.

Closing Date:              12 noon on 4th January 2019   


Key Responsibilities:

 Growth Deal Delivery:

  • Support the Growth Deal Manager and wider team to ensure the successful delivery of the projects supported through the Growth Deal.  Ensure grant funding is delivered within time deadlines and outputs are achieved and reported back to the LEP and to government. 
  • Provide LEP first contact and strategic direction point for the Growth Deal projects. Liaise with project leads and other senior LEP members as necessary to address delivery issues and maintain overall pace of delivery. 
  • Monitor project and programme delivery. Work closely with all partners engaged on the projects to ensure that targets are met and the projects realise their objectives and deliver appropriate outputs within predetermined schedules. 

  • Work closely with officers within the Accountable Body structure to ensure that all aspects of delivery operate effectively, including the preparation of offers and contracts, release of funding in accordance with accounting procedures. 

  • Support the collation of statistical information on each project to contribute to local and national data returns including regular updates for LEP Management Committees and board meetings.


Project promotion

  • Work with Communications team to promote individual projects, in conjunction with the projects themselves.
  • Work with partners in the promotion of the projects through meetings and a programme of local events.


Health & Safety / Environmental Health

  • Implement the legal obligation to maintain a safe working environment at all times.
  • Follow the company’s procedures, as described in the Health & Safety Policy.
  • Report anything unsafe to the Health & Safety Competent Person and report accidents, near misses and so on in the accident book.



  • Show awareness of the needs of fellow team members and show them courtesy.
  • Communicate effectively with others in the team.
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues in order to meet the objectives of the business.
  • Contribute to team meetings and put forward ideas and feedback in order to improve ways of working.



  • Attend work with a clean and smart appearance, wearing the appropriate attire.
  • Undertake any other tasks that may be reasonably requested.
  • Implement the policies and procedures set out in the Employment Handbook.

Person Specification 






Is educated to degree level or equivalent.

Evidence of continued professional, managerial and personal development.


Experience of managing projects with a range of partners

Experience of implementing and monitoring projects, strategies or action plans

Experienced in delivering projects within the realm of public finance and understands the implications of State Aid when supporting through public funds

Wide knowledge of European and UK funding sources and other means of funding such as private sector sponsorship and fund raising


Has a good understanding of the key drivers of the New Anglia economy.

Can demonstrate a high standard of financial knowledge.

Is flexible and adaptable under pressure.

Is thorough and sees projects through to their conclusion.

Is able to communicate with a range of partners, distilling technical and financial  information for ease of understanding andusing plain English to provide information.

Understands the key projects and priorities of the LEPs Strategic Economic Plan and the sector and thematic groups.